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Rent a Police Car

Police Dodge Chargers available for hire!

At Rent A Police Car we have a wide variety of genuine American Police cars that have been brought from serving on the front line in the states to us in the UK for show use and event hire. The cars are extremely unique and very eye catching! So unique in fact, at Rent A Police Car we have the only two American Police Spec Dodge Chargers in Europe.. that’s right, both of them!!!

All of our vehicles are available for hire for a multitude of uses including filming, props, Zombie events, promotional work, Weddings, Proms, birthday parties, charity events, or just because you can!

These Police vehicles are straight out of service from the United States and as you would expect they are fully loaded to the American Cops specification! They all have working lights and sirens and are film set ready. We can also provide extras in full American Police uniform or SWAT tactical kit if required!

We have been involved in a number of movies, adverts, short films and student creations as well as a lot of Zombie events! Nobody is as skilled as our “officers” when it comes to keeping zombies at bay. Some of our vehicles were even used in the famous Resident Evil 6 game promotional video shoot!!

So if you are looking for a different way of making sure the groom arrives at the church, you have a VIP that needs escorting to their birthday party, or you just love big American motors… you have come to the right place!

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