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New York Ford E350 Ambulance (1997)

Wed, 01/07/2015 - 10:08 -- admin

An awesome and very unique piece of kit. Mainly used for movies and show events, this is your typical box type Emergency Ambulance from the states. This has come from the company that worked the Lower Manhattan area of New York City and was stationed close to the World Trade Centers. We have managed to confirm that this exact ambulance was in service on the tragic day of September 11th 2001, although we are still awaiting documents to determine if this particular ambulance responded in the rescue efforts on that day. Given its history this vehicle has been restored to is New York origins with red lights and livery but for the purpose of filing etc we still have the Blue lenses etc. The ambulance is fully equipped as it is straight out of service and comes complete with stretcher and EMS equipment, ideal for that movie prop!

Available for Movies, Zombie Events Promotional work , Charity events and shows / galas.


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