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The Legal Stuff

Although we have fully authentic American Police Cars, the law in the UK is very clear and quite strict when it comes to operating these vehicles on the public roads. We make every effort to ensure that you will have a lot of fun when hiring these cars but we have to respect the Laws in order for us to continue to hire out these amazing vehicles.

We will try our best to accommodate any requests that you have when placing an order to hire one of our vehicles but we have to obey the UK laws. Although they are genuine Emergency vehicles, we are not part of the emergency services so It is Illegal for our vehicles to drive along a public highway with Blue Flashing Lights and Sirens in use.

When providing fully uniformed American Cops, we do have full authentic uniforms. These do not include any real Police accessories for general hire, although different rules will apply on a secure film set etc. We are happy to pose for photos where it may look like you are “cuffed up” but for obvious health and safety reasons we regret we cannot handcuff anybody.

Again, we try our best to make sure everybody has a fantastic time and will do as much as we can to ensure it is a day to remember but Customer Safety and Professionalism is always a priority.

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